Corporate Events & Incentives

Create engaging experiences that connect people through live, hybrid, and virtual platforms. Utilize innovative event technology to inspire action and influence behavior.


The County Business Concierge is an expert in creating exceptional corporate events that are unforgettable, impactful and leave a long-lasting impression on your employees, clients and stakeholders. Whether you’re planning a grand gala, a team incentive, a product launch or a client appreciation event, our team is dedicated to bringing your vision to life.

Our Services

Event Strategy & Design

We plan successful events that resonate with your ideal customers by applying smart event strategies that boost your visibility.

Brand Experiences & Activations

We design and deliver perfect experiences that foster a connected community that keeps growing, contributing, and changing.


We assist you in showcasing your brand’s strengths and creating memorable moments for your audiences.

Client Hospitality

We enhance customer satisfaction and retention, attract new customers and generate positive word-of-mouth. We treat our clients with respect, courtesy and generosity to build long-lasting relationships and trust.

Live, Hybrid & Virtual Events

We design live, hybrid, and virtual events worldwide that connect and engage audiences. Our expertise ensures interactive, immersive, and inclusive events.

Marketing Strategy

To succeed in marketing, you need a solid strategy. It defines goals, audience, budget, and tactics for a campaign, aligns marketing with business objectives, and measures effectiveness. Market research, value proposition, and competitive analysis are key.

Why Choose Us?



With years of experience in the corporate event industry, we bring a wealth of knowledge and creativity to every project.


We understand that each corporate event is unique. Our solutions are tailored to your specific goals, preferences, and budget.

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We stay ahead of industry trends and leverage the latest technology to create modern, engaging, and memorable events.

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We are passionate about making your corporate event a resounding success. Your vision is our mission.

Miquel was an absolute rockstar in making our June 1, 2023, Opening a success! His dedication, expertise, and all-around professionalism exceeded my expectations. I was thoroughly impressed with his meticulous attention to detail, ensuring flawless coordination among all our vendors, speakers, and attendees. Miquel’s problem-solving skills and adaptability were invaluable, making him an indispensable asset to our team. Working with Miquel wasn’t just a pleasure; it was like having an event-planning wizard on our team.

                                                                                                               “MaryAnn Camilleri, Founder & President, The Magenta Foundation”